Video Transfer Services

Have old home movies collecting dust, movies of when you were a kid or old negatives or slides. Want to be able to see them again? You've come to the right place

Video Transfer / Restoration Services

  • VHS/VHS-C, Hi8, BetaMax & MiniDV Transfers
  • High Quaility transfer of your weddings, home movies, and other special occasions to DVD Contact Us. Transfer includes 1 DVD with label directly printed on DVD, no labels. All transfers will get Time Based Correction run on them at transfer time, additional restoration (color correction, sharpening, noise cleaners (picture grain) are an additional charge.

  • Video Restoration
  • Let us also restore the videos to thier highest quaility with our restoration services using hardware and software techniques. Our process uses Video ProcAmps (Color Restoration), Time Based Correction and software based filters.

Slide and Photo Scans

  • 35mm / Photo Scans
  • We offer high resolution scans of your 35mm slides and photos saved to CD/DVD. We can also create DVD slideshows of your photos and slides. Our process uses Kodak ICE technology to cleanup and correct the slides at no extra charge. Yur slides will be saved to CD or DVD based on the amount in jpg format for you to use however you like.

    Slides and photos are scanned at 300 dpi, but we offer higher resolutions (600, 1200, 2400 & 4800 dpi) by request for an additional fee. This will allow bigger prints with the higher resolutions.

    How about putting the photos and slides to music in a slideshow. We will add dissolves and effects to your photos allowing a 6 - 10 second time to display on the screen. The slideshow will be in MPEG format and playable in your DVD player. You just supply the photos, slides and music in the order you want and we will do the magic.